Satellite Log Template

Would it be possible to get a satellite log template?

Tell me what fields you would need. I’ve never done satellite before so I’m clueless

I am just getting into satellite work myself so I am no expert… link below to AMSAT and logging for Log Book Of The World and what is needed.

Besides the “normal” stuff, there needs to be a field for propagation mode and satellite

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As far as I remember, the exchanges are signal report, and grid square. So you should have Callsign, date, sig repo, grid. That should keep it simple. I might be wrong though, but that was what I use to log on satellites.

Wanting to see if this idea had taken any progress in the development?

For a satellite template, all is required is MODE (either fm or SSB), rx freq (center) tx freq (center) , and the satellite name. Would be cool if users can create their own list of satellites and enter those Into a library the app would show as a drop down box for us to select diff sats we have entered attributes to so those would auto populate in fields. In that library users can input the sat name, mode and Freqs . Grid square is not required field for LOTW processing so maybe that could be part of a few complimentary fields like “notes”

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These requests can only make HAMRS better right?! I know I’m probably being a pain, but it’d be cool if there were the different sats listed and sat mode as well as the official mode so places like eQSL would be happy :slight_smile:

Where can I find a list of SAT NAMES and SAT MODES? This could be a pretty simple template to knock out

I’m sure there’s a legit source like Communications Satellites – AMSAT

But just looking at these screenshots from eQSL you should be able to compile a full-ish list for sure :slight_smile:

Call sign & grid would probably be the primary “action” inputs (I’d put them front and center). The rest of the details can be filled in before or after. Sat contacts are big on the grid square thing so a contact usually looks like:

: K1RKK DN08

  • K1RKK (Your call) (your grid) QSL?
    : QSL 73
  • 73
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How do you usually log multiple grids, for instance when you are on the line or at an intersection? Do you log those as separate contacts?

You could use the list that is included in LoTW (scroll to the last section of this page):