Save log file to different location

I would like to be able to save my HAMRS logging file to my apple cloud account. That way I can access my current log file on my other apple devices?

Is it possible to save file to a different location?


I’ve saved to my iCloud account, exported as .adi, unfortunately I don’t see away to import to instance of HAMRS. It would be nice because I like to go over stuff again when I get home on my Mac.

Even if I had to export as .adi and save to a folder on iCloud it would ge great to be able to open it in HAMRS later on my Mac.

Being able to “Share” my log to a cloud service and the view on another device even if I had to manually sync or import it.

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It would also be handy as a safeguard… so you can import all of your logs into a new instance of HAMRS on another device in case your primary device crashes, gets lost or damaged, etc.

I would view this as a separate feature request from the “cloud sync” service discussed in other threads.


Yes, I would love to have my latest log on my iPad and iPhone.