Save pre-setup log info

I just did an 11 park roam and I setup all the logs ahead of time in HAMRS so I could just start logging as soon as I had a frequency. I filled in all the info other than the frequency and went to the next log. When I got to the park the fields in the right side (Power, Mode, My Park, My Grid) were back to empty. Not a huge deal, I can fill them in I set them up ahead of time to save time when I got to the park.

You might try entering a dummy QSO (use a fake call sign like “test”) with the standard parameters you wish to use in each log. Then delete it after you make a couple of real contacts at that park.

Otherwise HAMRS won’t remember the fields you mentioned.

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I do that all the times just as you described and not had them disappear as you describe. Not sure what to tell you here.

I agree with KZ3L - The values in the fields in the upper area of your logbook won’t “stick” until your initial QSO entry is created/saved. If you make a dummy record and delete it, the values will be retained.

I do the same by I log myself and the first QSO which leads HAMRS to retain the info. When I am done with the activation, I delete the first QSO

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