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When hunting, I am finding more and more “teams” activating a park. It would be really nice if there us a “second Operator” check box that I could select when logging an activator. Once I click the “save” button, the contact would be logged and the screen would retain all of the information entered except the “Their Callsign” field so we could quickly capture the second operator at the park.

Another way this could be implemented would be to have the callsign field take multiple callsigns, the way the “parks” field allows multiple parks.

In any case, a feature like this would be useful for activators too.


I would support this also, even as a frequent POTA activator and an infrequent hunter.

Using HAMRS I find myself sometimes even avoiding stations with multiple operators, as I usually don’t have anywhere to write the second, third, etc, call signs. I end up typing it into the “comments” but then have to go back and and find the spot, enter the second call sign, then edit the original entry.

May not sound like much, but it takes time away from my limited time for an activation.

Jack N8EU


Whenever I run across a contact who has a 2nd operator, I simply save the first call sign, and then type in the 2nd operators call sign for the next contact, because that’s what it is. If the contacts are Park to Park, just fill in the park number for the 2nd operator on the 2nd operator’s contact form.

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I know, this is just too easy. I do a lot of activations, and run into the two or three ops on a park to park call. It really is a piece of cake. You just enter the same data (it shows right below) and hit enter! I am also surprised that people use HAMRS for hunting. I can think of many better packages to run at the home shack…w1ip

So, what do you use when your out in the field and not using your home station?

Lots of people use HAMRS at home, because the spotter page is right there and makes hunting so easy. Find the contact, click copy and everything is right there. All you have to do is click on save to store the contact. N3FJP is not that simple.

That’s it for me as a hunter. If HAMRS didn’t make it so easy with by having the spots with the ever-so-easy “copy” button that adds all the data to the form, I would prob use N3FJP for all.

I have a question for all hunters… I activate parks and keep a good log of contacts in NAMRS then I upload it to the Pota app when I am home or the next day. However, … I go to my QRZ page, and I see several hunter’s want me to confirm them on QRZ I don’t get it. When I hunt, I am happy with the Pota log so why is this so important? Also, on the same note I find hunters wanting to confirm that are not in my log. I have started to upload my logs to QRZ just to see who thinks they made contact with me. So please help me to understand why this is so important to the hunters.

N3FJP is my log; HAMRS is just for pota due to the spotter/click or tap to copy to the fields is sooo easy. Everything gets imported to N3FJP at some point. Someone requested N3FJP have spotter info like HAMRS and it wasn’t immediately denied so it may come one day, just not any day soon. If/When it does, I’ll probably dump HARMS, esp since it seems to be abandonware now.

I upload to LOTW and QRZ in part as “off-site backups” and because others want confirmations from there. It’s nothing once set up on N3FJP, just a few clicks.

If by “want” you mean people email you to bug you to confirm…I have no answer as that’s not how I roll. If it’s confirmed, fine. If not, I don’t care.

Its like field Day logs. Field Day logs are for specific “events” that you get credit for with the ARRL. I Also upload my Field day logs to my normal logging software which records these QSO’s in LOTW and QRZ. No difference with POTA. I maintain a normal logbook to record who I have had QSO’s with, outside of my POTA contacts.

I was one that put in a request for this. Scott and his crew are constantly updating their outfit. I asked about it, and Scott told me that something like a stand alone POTA log, similar to a contest log, may be in the works, but the biggest thing they are working on right now, is getting N3FJP working on Mac, Linux and Raspberry Pi, since it is only made for Windows right now. If HAMRS doesn’t start working on making changes, where it can be integrated into digital modes, and making more options available, outside of just SSB and CW, you will see more going to N3FJP. If HAMRS made an app with integration into WSJT-X, to be able to log contacts from FT4/8, it would be an app worth paying for.

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