Server/clients for field days

One thing that keeps coming up when demoing the software is not having the ability to save all clients data to a central server.

Also the ability to determine duplicate calls per band.

There is software out there like n3fjp which does this. But it costs money.

This would be great.


One free option you might consider would be N1MM. I haven’t personally used it in a multi-user networked environment but it reportedly does a great job.

there may be a free option out there (n1mm? ). I have heard of it, but I think it is ONLY for windows.
What I like about HamRS is that it runs on anything. If I was actually looking for another software, I would have looked for some other software.

That was the reason, I put in a feature request for HamRS. Because I personally prefer this software, and I know it would gain by having this kind of functionality. And it runs on linux, which is my daily desktop operating system of choice, and also the one I take to the field for POTA and field days.

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Sorry, you had mentioned N3FJP (which is windows only) so I assumed that was your platform of interest and that cost was the prohibiting factor.

I’m not sure @jarrett has a networked version in the queue, and if it is I doubt it would be ready for Field Day this year, so my recommendation was intended to suggest an alternate solution. My apologies for misreading your intent.

I agree though–HAMRS is my first choice for portable ops, hands-down. Field Day networking would be a natural fit.

roger that. I think more people would use HamRS if it had more field day capabilities.
Everyone liked the interface, but said they wouldn’t use yet another logger, when our club used n3fjp for field days.

Please upvote this, if you think it would be worthwhile.

It goes against everything I stand for. But I bought a Windoze 10 license this year, for the VERY FIRST time. So I could run n3fjp on our MS QSO Party and Winter/Summer Field days. And the winlink and VARA for emcomm (We are on the MS Coast, and we get hurricanes). I found the linux versions kind of lacking, and also Wine just didn’t quite cut it. I wish it were not so. But it is what it is. I STILL use linux for my daily driver however, despite that!

Jerry WF5W

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I’ve mentioned it as well in terms of having a centralized DB for the logs. I use HamRS on an iPad and my iPhone and would like to gain access to my logbook DB from either. Thank you…Joe

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