Set Hunter Info in Profile

I use HAMRS for hunting on POTA. It would be cool if I could preset my information (My Grid, My State, My County, My QTH) in my profile and have it populate when I start a new log. I like to start a new log for every new day of hunting.

Even pre-populating my power output would be great (let’s be honest, it’s always the same).

I like this idea. It would also be nice to pull my QTH (city) to the sliding panel on the right, and make it persistent so it doesn’t need to be entered by editing each and every QSO. (I enter it later in my primary desktop logging app anyway, but this would save a step.)

Not sure if you’ve considered this, but you could create a dummy entry into a logbook (use the call sign TEST) with the fields you mentioned, save the logbook under a name like “Contains my info”, and when you start a new log simply duplicate the old logbook instead of starting a new one from scratch. These fields (except your city) will be already populated for you. Then just delete the TEST entry.

It doesn’t save a lot of time, but it might be a partial help to you.


Thanks for the idea! In fact, I have been doing something similar. I’ve just been duplicating the last log and deleting the QSOs from the new file. I like your idea better, it works well and does save a step or three.

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I do this too…. Then delete that call once the log starts to get populated. Works great :+1:

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