Show dupes as we type

I like that HAMRS shows dupes after hitting enter to log the contact. Can you make it show a “Dupe” warning BEFORE we hit enter? Just as N1MM does, as soon as you type the call sign in the first entry field, it warns you that this call sign is a dupe. If HAMRS did this, it would save us from typing and exchanging signal reports, and filling in all the other info. We’d know as soon as the guy gives us his call sign that he’s a dupe and can let him know, saving everyone time. Seems like an easy solution to implement and a very beneficial one. :smiley:

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Yea I think that is a Good idea :+1:t2:

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I would like to see it do that also.

I know it is too late for FD but I would like to see this as well. Even though you are alerted not to log them since they are a dupe after hitting enter, usually other op informs me of the dupe before getting far enough to get the notice myself. Wastes time.


Another vote for this! Today I found myself scanning through the log before responding to a FD CQ call. I still ended up working several contacts twice.

I also tried just entering the call when I heard it (while hunting), and if it didn’t pop up as a dupe I deleted it and entered it fresh with the relevant exchange info.

Totally agree. Was gonna ask for this

Came online to enter this in as well. Had many “sorry, we’ve already worked!” over the weekend. Dupe, in RED box popping up after entering call, and hitting tab is needed.

Certainly would like to see a dupe before I call it. VO1K

Released in 0.11.0! 0.11.0 - Released

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