When I export the ADI file for SOTA it says that my peak is in the wrong format. So if I activated peak WOC/SP-072 how should that be written to comply with the SOTA data site?

Mike K0FYR

From your typing here it looks like you used O and Zero in W0C/SP-072

Ok are you saying WOC is actually W0C? That it should be a 0 between W and C?

Mike K0FYR

If you look at the SOTA database and list the summits in the U.S., all of the reference numbers start with “W#”, where # represents the call area where the peak is located.

So yes, the 0 is a zero.

Yes most summits in the US are W#(state) which yours is W0C(Colorado)

Thanks for the help. That should fix it. KH7FC and KZ3L I appreciate it.

Mike K0FYR

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