SOTA logging wishlist

I tried out HAMRS over the weekend with both SOTA and POTA logging, using a Samsung Tab A. Here’s a few things that might be seen as improvements:

  1. SOTA does not accept ADIF format for log uploads, they only accept CSV or TSV. From a user standpoint there’s little benefit for electronic logging if you have to type it in all over again to upload to the SOTA db. Details of the format here:
    SOTA Database

Would it be possible for HAMRS to export to .csv in the future?

  1. It would be nice if the RST fields pre-filled with the correct format depending on mode. In other words if I’ve chosen ‘cw’ as the mode the RST fields should be prefilled with 599 (not 59 as is happening in the program).

  2. Pre-formatted summit boxes that don’t make us keep flipping keyboards to get the special characters, especially helpful for ‘their summit’ as this is filled in during operation for summit to summit contacts (S2S).

  3. A checkbox or selection that disables internet lookups. The popups are disruptive to log entry, many times covering up entry boxes. Especially at the beginning of an activation there’s many callers, waiting for the popup to go away slows things down.
    I agree, if and when internet is available, integrating spotting, summit and call info is nice to have, it would be nice to have the data visible but not blocking the underlying entry fields.

  4. Would it be possible to have a template that includes POTA AND SOTA fields. Many SOTA summits are also POTA parks. I’ve tried copying the SOTA log, then editing the duplicate log file to change the template, but the exported ADIF doesn’t include the ‘my park’ field.
    It would be nice, if this were possible, to have both their park/sota and my park/sota fields in log, in the ADIF export and a properly formatted SOTA .csv from the same log file. Whishfull thinking I know but…

HAMRS has a lot of good things going for it, some tweaks in the SOTA template and file export would make it really cool.

Thanks for your work so far!


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