Sota: Sota reference should set the locator/Map

The QTH of the other station should be the SOTA reference, not the Address from

For a SOTA Activation, you should use the SOTA Template. There is a box for THEIR SUMMIT that you would put their SOTA Reference into. That will put the data into the SIG_INFO entry in the log.

Michael WA7SKG

Thanks for your reply – I use the Sota template. When I click on the map it shows me the connection between me and the of the other station. I wish it would show it between me and his summit (if empty = his locator as fallback, though :thinking:, not sure if that makes sense, maybe error message or nothing would be better).

Having that said: Finally a logbook that doesn’t look like made on Windows 3.11 but with a clean and appealing GUI – thanks. gone, spending HAMRS some bucks

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