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I’ve been working on the SOTA template - basically just taking the POTA template and specifying the SOTA_REF and MY_SOTA_REF in place of SIG_INFO.

It looks like this:

And the ADI looks like this:

Generated on 2021-05-07T16:25:11.698Z 

<country:13>United States
<name:13>JAMES P DAVIS

I want to make sure that if there is something that made sense for the POTA template doesn’t make sense for the SOTA template that I take care of it.



Just joined over here. We have chatted on Discord a time or two. I just wanted to say yes that looks good, although could you do 2 templates? 1 that is SOTA alone and then another that is POTA + SOTA ? I have been doing research and a bunch of SOTA’s are in POTA’s . I am going on a SOTA run in a little over a week and of the 15 SOTA’s I’m doing 2 of them are not inside of a POTA Ref. Would be nice to only have to do 1 log for each of the locations. I have had to use your app for POTA and another app for SOTA which is a pain in the butt.

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Jarrett - I’m glad you’re still working on the SOTA template. I am doing a SOTA trip with my buddy to Virginia and we’re going to do all SOTA activations, most likely around 4 per day from May 20-23. Keeping my fingers crossed I can use it down there! 73 de KN3A.

Oh it should be out by then. I’m not sure what I need to add or subtract to/from it. I just pulled the total summit list from the SOTA folks so when you enter a summit it’ll tell you the information about it, same as I did for POTA. But if you have any ideas or needs with it please let me know here!

Looking at your ADI file, I think it will work well. Good to hear it should be out by then. Awesome job with all you’ve done and doing for us POTA/SOTA activators. 73


Going to miss each other by a day on this week of SOTA.

I would say the template for just SOTA as shown above is good. I would say IF you agree with doing a combined SOTA / POTA Template. I would change Power to MY PARK, as Power is not a required Log field for either program. Then possibly make the Comments Field Smaller and add THEIR PARK

I see that Beau! I’m almost tempted to drive down a day earlier so we could both work SOTA summits together down there. I’m meeting Mark in Roanoke @ 11:00 am the 20th. Sure hoping the SOTA app is ready by the time we do our summits. It will be nice to either log on my Android phone or my Samsung tablet since some of my activations will be hiking trips to the summits. I like your suggestion of an interchangeable SOTA/POTA app. I think if the SOTA/POTA are both the same location, since I’m doing a SOTA trip, I’ll just change the .ADI up a bit and send it to the POTA since it would still count. Just would have to change a couple of things in the ADI file I am thinking. 73 de KN3A.

The entry screen looks really good. I’m excited to get the SOTA template added. I’m interested in helping get this up and running.

A few things about my activating to let you know where my (selfish) interests lie: when I have room in my pack for size and luxury, I use an iPad 4 mini with a Logitech keyboard case. It sits in landscape mode where I prop it on a rock or my lap or in the dirt etc.

When I don’t have room or time to set the iPad up, I use my iPhone XS Max in portrait orientation. It’s laying on my knee for the most part with cw paddle on the other leg.

A few observations for what would make HAMRS more awesome, in my opinion:

-number bar across the top of the iPhone QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode. The QRZ app is a great example of this. I used the iPhone version of Outd Log yesterday and it was a major pain having to switch to the number screen while copying callsigns. I’m apprehensive to use the Microsoft app for alternate keyboard since they get to have all my keyboard input forever.

-an input dialog for two letter state would be awesome. A suggested part of the exchange is for the chaser to give you the state they are sending from. It would be nice to enter the state if they give it. The state is not part of the official exchange for getting summit points, it just a nice courtesy to record it. As an alternative, I could enter the state if they give it to the note field.

-when entering rst, the numbers only keyboard would be nice, but not a biggie IMO. One keyboard with numbers across the top would have great consistency.

-adif file export. Is this the same as .adi? asks for .adif

-SOTA spots. I like the POTA spots tab, will this be available for SOTA? Some way to automatically populate the QSO field would be great for a summit to summit contact.

How can I help?

73, Ryan NN7M

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Thank you so much for you write up! I’ve made a few feature tickets from it already. Adi and Adif are interchangeable. Number Bar is coming soon!

Great, I hope I can help in some other way also. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

I’m leaving early Thursday morning to activate several SOTA summits in Virginia. I just upgraded my Samsung Tablet and my Android phone with the latest update which includes SOTA!! I was going to bring my Win10 laptop along but it does not appear to include SOTA template at this time. Will that be coming before I leave in the early morning tomorrow?

Thanks for all you’ve done Jarrett!!!

73 Scott

You must be a beta tester - not I don’t think the PC version of this build will be available tomorrow.

Hi Jarrett,

Just checking in from my hotel (campgrounds on the Skyline drive were completely full this evening)! I’ve been using the newest version of HamRS on my Chromebook and my Android phone. So far, no issues at all. While using it on my Samsung S20 when I enter a callsign, maybe because the screen on the phone is not full screen, the possible callsigns are looked up and the call I entered cannot be seen. Is there a way to turn that off? I’ll be activating SOTA’s Saturday and Sunday, so if I can hear back from you if there is a way that would be great. Other than that, it’s working great using the SOTA template. Thank you very much!

Another thing that is really nice, when I enter the SOTA reference, it automatically populates the grid square which is perfect.

73 Scott

Used the new version 0.10.4 SOTA template. It worked great on my iPhone. I have a few comments to far…

QRZ lookup was at the top of the screen. There were two problems with this. First, it covered the callsign I was typing in. Second, if I didn’t type fast enough, it looked for the first part of the callsign. Then when I finessed typing, it would show another callsign from I’m not sure what the solution is, but it was pretty distracting. Thinking about it, the most important things for me to see would be name and state.

The keyboard should have a number line above the alphabet. I hope this will come in a future version.

After the activation, I was able to export the .adi to my icloud folder. Then, uploading the .adi to the sotadata website went great.

Thanks for getting this up and running!

Ryan NN7M

Have been eargerly waiting for the SOTA template. Took the iPad up to the summit with me last weekend. The software worked a treat and the upload went brilliantly. Thanks a lot, this is now my default portable log book but I do have a question about the generic template which I will post elsewhere.

Thanks a lot, great product.

Derek (G7LFC)

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This is feature is such a timesaver thank you! I entered my log on the summit, downloaded the adi and uploaded to SOTA all on my iPhone. The convenience and efficiency of this app is just incredible, thank you!!


I’ve been using the OutD app for SOTA logging for a few months now, but have found the UI to be a bit clunky and buggy. I tried out HAMRS recently and all I can say is that I’m totally sold. It’s a clean interface with a bunch of great features, but best of all… the community here is actively requesting new features and Jarrett is adding them!

That said, I’d like to echo two of Ryan’s (NN7M) feature requests:

  1. Number bar across the top for iPhone QWERTY - Though it seems this feature is already in the works!
  2. SOTA Spots - Would be great to see recent SOTA spots within the app (rather than checking sotawatch or sotagoat) and to have the app auto-populate summit info for S2S and chasing.

I would also recommend adding a COMMENT field just like regular logs (if that hasn’t already been suggested).

BTW, I’m really digging the adi export feature. Makes SOTA DB / QRZ logging a breeze!



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