SSB .... Should have USB and LSB Options & Frequencies

  1. I would like to use my Logbook for BOTH 'Ham Frequencies AND the 26 Mhz & 27 Mhz CB Bands here in New Zealand and Australia … Their should be an ‘Option’ for " Custom " Frequencies as when entering these a Note appears … " Frequency Outside ITU Range " appears
  2. The ‘Callsigns’ on the CB Bands are just ‘Random’ personally creates signs … Like WR2452, KK2451 or CB54 etc
  3. ALSO there should be an Option to choose USB and LSB and NOT just SSB !!! or one should be able to EDIT the Entry to suit …

Otherwise it looks to be a Brilliantly Thought Out Program… Actually a LOT like an Electronic version of an Old Fashioned ‘Papaer Logbook’ … Very Simple to use … Congratulations to ALL…

Cheers from ChCh, NZ
Keith ZL3KEI

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