SSB vs CW Report

I like the generic report of 59 for SSB. When you switch to CW, the field still shows 59. Would it make sense to have it display 599?

It sure would! Great call! I’ll get it in the next build

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Thank you. Love a developer who is interested in the end user’s feedback and understands agile.

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@W2CLM This went out in today’s build.

@Jarrett Outstanding! Glad it got in.

I am, however, having difficulty. I enter either CW or SSB and I see 59. How is the feature engaged?


I should have said this - It doesn’t change it when you change the dropdown. I didn’t want to accidentally overwrite something that was in those two inputs, but now I can see that might be confusing. If you create a new QSO with CW in the dropdown, both of the fields will be 599 from there on out. I think I should just insert 599 or 59 when you change the dropdown and not sorry about overwriting those fields?

Not sure you should change it. Your initial logic appears sound.

Sounds good. I made a ticket for it, but I’ll put it further my backlog and see if anyone else mentions it.

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