State Field and RST Fields

I am new to the HAMRS program but I think it is a good easy program to do quick log entries while operating away from the shack. I like to do field operating QRP and have been looking for a log that will work well on a Raspberry Pi. This program works very well on the Pi.
Now to the request, I would like to see a State field available on all log types. It would not be required for those who do not want or need it. When I have worked POTA stations, new to that as well, I hear all the Hunters giving their state when they respond to the Activator.
Another request is for when CW or RTTY are the modes selected, the RST sent and received be automatically changed to 599. When SSB, AM and FM are selected the RST would be set to 59.

A great program and I can’t wait for warm weather to get out into the field and maybe even try some POTA.


Great idea, I agree.

I’d add that FT4, FT8 and JS8 (possibly others) use a positive and negative dB value as the signal report. There’s definitely no default, but I did test to make sure that negative numbers can be entered. We may want it noted that it’s a dB value though. :thinking: