Still being worked on?

Just wondered if this was still being actively developed, or if what we have is it?

I saw that there was still plans around the new year, but it’s been 9 months and still seems stalled.

Not trying to badmouth or anything, just curious. I think the program is very good and hope it can continue to improve.


I am hoping there are several new features with an update coming soon. The app is great but there will be lots of things that could improve it more. Like importing ADIF files, CAT rig control and WSJT-x integration.


I hope so too. I very rarely pay for apps, in any case there are too many apps anyway, but…

Using HamRs for POTA logging on my iPad has been a godsend. Yes it has some annoying quirks, but it has been an incredible time saver. I would happily pay more, if the app was supported and that the developers would make regular releases with new features, and allow feature requests from registered owners.


I have been in contact with the developer. Apologies for the delays, life happens. The program is undergoing a major revision. It may take a bit before we see anything released, but progress is being made. Please have a bit of patience, good things are coming.

Michael WA7SKG


@WA7SKG Thank you for the update. As a software developer and as a college instructor in software development, I can fully understand the size of a major rewrite of a program as great as HAMRS. Please pass along our best wishes to the developer, and ask him for forgiveness for our impatience.


There was this update on Reddit four months ago… It seems that a contractor is helping him with the code.