Support for WWFF mode?

Will there be support/options for WWFF as well as SOTA and POTA ?

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If someone tells me what a template should look like, and how it needs to be exported, I want to support it! I’m a new ham and have only done POTA, and the Fall contest I can’t remember the name of. I can get templates in really quick, I just need someone to tell me what fields it needs to have, checks it needs to make, how it should be exported. For instance I didn’t realize SOTA needed to be exported as a CSV. Easy to do now that I know.


Be careful not to mention WWFF on the POTA Facebook site–your post will be deleted and you’ll risk being banned from the site.

Overall the WWFF format is nearly identical to POTA. WWFF also requires the “Operator” field to be included in the ADIF file.

Other differences:

  • Obviously instead of POTA in the MY_SIG field, you would use WWFF.
  • Park number format is different (KFF-#### instead of K-#### for U.S. parks, VEFF-### instead of VE-### for Canadian parks, for instance)
  • For recording the other party’s information, if they happen to be at a park, you would need to use WWFF in the SIG field and the corresponding WWFF park number in the SIG_INFO field.
  • WWFF doesn’t accommodate multi-park activations, so your “dupe” flags would need to account for that.

In my experience, most WWFF activators are filing under both programs. Α smaller subset of POTA activators also file with WWFF. With this in mind, having both the POTA and the WWFF templates include an “Operator” field could allow you to use essentially the same framework with very few other changes.

If an activator is activating under one or the other program exclusively, this is simple for you to implement: just mirror the POTA template to use WWFF instead, and add an “Operator” field. You need to add that field anyway to POTA to allow club & operator call signs. (See other thread on club calls.)

But if an activator wants to activate under one program and submit to both programs, I believe the deluxe approach would be to write a script, accessible from the main Logbooks screen, that converts one to the other. There are cross-reference lists available on the WWFF/KFF resources pages that could be used to look up WWFF park numbers from the POTA number, or vice versa. Park numbers between programs don’t always match, even if you only change the prefix. The original set of parks do align, for the most part, but the numbering began to diverge around KFF-5200 (K-5200) or so in the U.S.

Many people convert park numbers manually after-the-fact with a utility such as ADIF Master, but doing the conversion for them within HAMRS would be a nice convenience.

If I were designing a conversion utility, I would add a link in the edit drop down list on the Logbooks page called “Convert to WWFF” (for POTA templates) and “Convert to POTA” (for WWFF templates). Prompt to save the log under a different name and to enter the alternate park number, change all of the MY_SIG references to the other program, and look up the parks in a cross-reference list stored off-line to convert from one set of numbers to the other for all of the P2P contacts. Then the user can review the entire log afterwards before submitting it.

IMHO, you could easily do a hybrid solution that allows you to convert a log and ONLY change the MY_SIG and MY_SIG_INFO fields from one to the other, but remind the user to edit the log and manually convert P2Ps to reflect the correct program. That would by far be the simplest approach.

This simpler approach is also consistent with my recommendation in another thread addressing multi-park activations, which would allow cloning a log (from the Logbooks screen) but replacing the park number with another one.

Hope this helps!
Kevin KZ3L


Thanks Kevin for a detailed explanation on the WWFF requirements, I hope very much Jarret will be able soon to implement the WWFF into his logger. I bought the logger since it’s the only iOs app almost as good as the FLE (Fast Log Entry, but it’s Win only). I’m sure many European activators, me including, who are in the WWFF programme would get the app for their iOs or Raspberry Pi devices. 73! Linas LY2H


Yes I would also be very interested in this feature. WWFF is very popular in Europe and at least I have not found a single iOS logging program that would export proper ADIF for WWFF out-of-the-box. I think KZ3L covered the differences that I know, below are the custom SIG fields for the ADIF:

<MY_SIG:4>WWFF (Fixed value)
<MY_SIG_INFO:9>XXFF-1234 (My reference)
<SIG_INFO:9>XXFF-5678 (Their reference in case of Park-to-park QSO)

Hello Jarrett,
As a WWFF activator I would love to see a template for WWFF also. There are hundreds of activators over here in Europe who would be very grateful if this is possible. I t would be even better if it would be possible to see WWFF spots as you do on the main page as you done for POTA.
Another template for the World castles awards program (WCA) would also be very helpful if this is possible.
Thank you again for the already great program. The website address is below if you would like to take a look.


@Andyg7sqw Yes! This next release will introduce SOTA, WWFF, and Field Day templates!


Hi Jarrett,
That’s great thank you very much.

Very nice , I also wait for wwff on my iPhone …
DD6FM - Marco

KZ3L, Kevin is absolutely correct. Thank you Kevin for describing requirements for WWFF which also is accurate. I know hundreds of WWFF activators that report to both programs and are starting to look at HAMRS as HamLog is no longer supported or available. Thanks Jarrett for your hard work and looking forward to the WWFF template as well as other upcoming features. 73! Terry - KG5OWB

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Thanks Jarrett, WWFF and POTA activator here, your work is much appreciated in support of both programs!

Thanks @Jarrett for supporting WWFF. Looking forward to using HAMRS on my WWFF activations on my laptop and iPad. When will the template be released?

Hi Jarrett,
Another POTA and WWFF activator here. When is the WWFF template going to be released?

Thanks for your hard work!
Andrew / DJ6OR

Greetings from South Africa :slight_smile: Another (virtual) vote for a WWFF template!

As an aside, was looking at how HAMRS could be used with RaDAR (Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio - a concept devised and developed by Eddy ZS6BNE in 2009) and came across the ‘template’ request for WWFF so have been distracted… Now to look if anyone already asked for a RaDAR template otherwise I will test my skills at submitting required details. 73!

Hi All

Looking forward to the WWFF, great work great APP


One caveat. Some later POTA numbers are different for WWFF. There is also a separate spotting page for WWFF. I’m primarily a WWFF person because I don’t care for the childish antics of the powers that be in POTA. One other thing to note is that WWFF existing long before POTA. Many folks don’t realize that and think that POTA is the cats meow. I embrace WWFF because their name; World Wide Flora and Fauna is what I love to do; get put in nature.

I would be absolutely thrilled with a WWFF option with WWFF lookups.

73 de AI3W

HAMRS is very nice piece of software, i am use it on my WWFF activation on Android mobile phone - it is perfect for me (i dont want take a PC with me or tablet). What i miss is WWFF mode - now i am using POTA mode but need changes on every ADIF file (by Adifmaster) - it is not to hard, but it more work for me. Please, can be mode WWFF added to next version of HAMRS? Thank you so much. BTW from POTA it is only very small difference - instead POTA use WWFF in ADIF exported file - rest. is the same …

Please, is there any information on when the new template for WWFF could be released? The first requests for him are from 2021. Thank you very much, Jakub.

You will find the each Country have different prefix’s, for example New Zealand have “ZLFF”, Australia have “VKFF”.

and 44’s

Hello Jarrett

Has the WWFF template been released yet?

Sincerely, Pete

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