Sync between devices/platforms

It would be fantastic if we could sync logs between devices and platforms so we could log on one device and then add to or edit the log on another device. Keeping offline capability, but syncing while online.

i agree, id like to use this a logger because it shows me on a map of all my QSOs. does any other logging software do that?

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There’s a relatively new logging program for the Apple ecosystem (iOS, iPadOS, MacOS) that syncs automatically via iCloud. It’s very straight forward and has POTA and SOTA spots. It’s on the App Store. Called QSOMate.

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It would just be nice to have a way to Import and .ADI file so that I can consolidate logbooks on one device. The phone has been rather simple and easy during solo POTA activations but I would like to be able to view it on the computer later. I understand that having a cloud for the devices to sync has a cost and I don’t want to push to force a cost on an awesome logbook app.

I think the ability to export and .ADI file and email it to myself to then import on the computer would be a great compromise.

But this is already possible in HAMRS. I have exported .adi files several times.

Right……. But have you ever Imported into HAMRS?

No, I only do SOTA, and don’t use other loggers currently.

I agree totally I use both IOS and windows

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