Sync IOS Logbook / QSO's with Windows applications

Hi there, I have my IOS app working with numerous Logs and QSO’s. I logged in to Windows application and I have no Logs and QSO’s. Can you help me to sync these logs and QSO’s please?


Can you provide some more information on your missing logs. Have you exported the logs from your iOS device to somewhere? Where would that be?

How are you attempting to retrieve those logs through your Windows device?

Logs stored on your iOS device will not show up in your HAMRS application on Windows.

I personally upload my HAMRS logs on my MacBook to iCloud then retrieve those log files on my home computer from iCloud. It is easy to import them from iCloud into your favourite logging program. I believe Windows has a cloud service but not sure how you would upload from your iOS device to the Windows cloud.

73, Dave VA3CP

Hey Dave,

I think Stuart is commenting on something that caused me to create an account and make a feature suggestion. It would be great to have an automatically syncing service. For something like the mobile app, iCloud would be the ideal candidate (and ideal for those who use the mobile and macOS apps). For someone who uses iOS for their mobile platform and either Linux or Windows for their desktop platform, it would be nice to have some integration between other cloud storage services, like Dropbox (although there is an iCloud manangement app for Windows now). It would be awesome to not need to manually do anything to just have all your QSOs show up, no matter where you’re using the app.

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Thanks @va3cp (Dave) and @W0SZH for your replies. Yeah, essentially I was hoping that there would be an automatic sync between device platforms, in my case iPhone IOS and Windows - exactly as @W0SZH mentioned. In the interim I suspect the two platforms / applications dont speak to each other and I have to copy from on to the other using iCloud??? is that correct??? Thanks for reaching out, this is helpful advice.



Doing a little research, there is an iCloud app for Windows on the Microsoft Store but the reviews are not very good.

You could install a Dropbox free account on your iOS device and on your Windows computer. You would then export your logs from HAMRS to the Dropbox folder on your iOS device. You will then be able to access them using Dropbox on your home computer. That might be the best solution right now unless anyone else has a better idea.

Dave VA3CP

I don’t think you can have the active database shared between devices, even of the same type (I might be wrong). What I think is being described by people here is exporting a hamrs database into an adif file and then moving the adif file between applications. I don’t know of a way to get the adif file back into another (or the same) instance of hamrs–in other words, export only, not import.

That is correct. You cannot share a single log file between two instances of HAMRS.

The idea of exporting a HAMRS log in adif format to a cloud based platform gives you the ability to import the HAMRS log file into your favourite everyday logging program on your desktop / laptop computer. You cannot import a log file into HAMRS. It is intended as a portable logger and as such, works very well.

Dave VA3CP

I use One Drive on my iPad. My default location to store HAMRS ADI filed is a folder on One Drive which I can easily access my Windows PC for further editing with ADI Master, if needed.

For Apple products, using CloudKit is a way that multiple devices (laptop/desktop/phone/tablet) can all seamlessly use the same stored app data as the user moves between their devices.

OP has both Apple and non-Apple devices, so this approach isn’t an “every user” solution. This can also be done with third party services (e.g. DropBox or Google Drive), but can be a bit clunky from a developer standpoint and can sometimes give a bad user experience when syncs fail. From a developer perspective, CloudKit would give the better experience, at the expense of users that aren’t fully into the Apple ecosystem.