Tab + Shift - Mac

To reverse the tab direction, usually Shift + Tab is the common key command to do so. Tried it on 0.10.5 Mac and it puts the program in an unusable state. Must restart the program.


Hey @griffeyt53 thanks for the report! I popped 0.10.5 open on my mac and could not replicate - could you give me a bit more info? Is it a certain template? Certain Field? etc.

Hi Jarrett - Thanks for the quick response. It happens every time for me when I have an open file with a number of QSOs in it using the Parks on the Air template. When trying to back tab from the RSTS field to the call field using shift + tab. The cursor disappears. You can click in a field and see the cursor blink but instantly disappears again. Closing the program fixes the issue. I can send you a file where it happens consistently if you wish. I am using a new MacBook Air M1 box. Thanks a bunch! Terry - KG5OWB