Template in 0.10.5


Glad to see the new release published! Thank you.

I am finding the generic template, at least on the iPad, to be difficult to use.

Unless operating mobile, most operators will likely have a long string of QSOs from a single location. The generic template doesn’t accommodate this very well:

  • My grid square needs to be reset for every QSO by pressing the location button

  • My QTH (which I recommend changing to “city” since QTH is actually a combination of city, state, and county), state, and county can only be populated by editing each QSO after entering them. I can’t set it and forget it.

  • Once entered, my QTH info (QTH, state, and county) don’t carry over into subsequent QSOs–it would be far easier to just add these with another utility after exporting the ADIF rather than hand-jamming them into HAMRS. If visible in expanded mode and made sticky, that would be far more advantageous.

  • The “band” field is populated only for the first QSO. (In subsequent QSOs the “band” field is blank.)

Entering my QTH in the POTA template is just as unwieldy. I assume this is the same for other templates as well.

Thanks for the run-down. I can confirm a couple of bugs you mentioned right off the bat:

  1. The My Grid field is not persisting between QSOs on the generic template
  2. The Band field is not persisting between QSOs on the generic template

As for the the QTH fields, State, County, QTH, etc. - those fields are for the person you contacted. They are usually populated my a lookup in QRZ. I see that’s it isn’t clear which fields are ‘yours’ and which are ‘theirs’ I’ve marked most their fields with 'Their ’ but not all because it got really busy. I need to figure out a better way to delineate between them better.

Jarrett, I’m referring to the “My Information” section that is visible when editing a QSO. This should propagate forward to every subsequent QSO and should be visible in expanded mode as well, or in a profile, etc.

These fields are of little value otherwise. Entering them for every QSO isn’t worthwhile.

OOOOOH. My mistake. So it wasn’t my intention to copy the values to every QSO in log when editing a single a QSO, but I can see how that was probably an oversight on my part. Let me chew on this one a little bit.

This goes back to a suggestion given several weeks ago…

Some fields should apply to every QSO entered once they’re set, as is currently done with my call sign, the park number, power level, etc.

My QTH info falls into that same category.

IMHO the expanded mode is nice, but a scrollable window, a profile setting, or a pop-up for those additional fields that apply to every QSO might give more flexibility without cluttering the interface.

I agree, changes to an individual QSO shouldn’t propagate. But those fields should be visible and editable at the log level so they can apply to every QSO as each one is entered.

Even something as simple as a “More” button, or a “…”, could allow a pop-up to enter more log-wide settings such as the logger’s QTH info, the rig and antenna used, etc. These would of course be optional fields.

Of course those fields would still appear under the “My Information” section when editing individual QSOs, so they could still be changed later if needed.

I see what you’re saying. I think it make sense to make these a part of setting up/editing a logbook, as they apply to everything in the log, correct?

I remember seeing it, but I can’t for the life of me find it. Was it your suggestion or in a thread somewhere?

I describe some thoughts in that thread on universal log entries vs. those associated with individual QSOs.