Thanks, Jarrett - great PORTABLE field app!

I find HAMRS the perfect FIELD logging software for WWFF, POTA and other portable operations. Jarrett, keep it as it is, a simple logging tool!

HAMRS is not my main logging program. It is for portable, quick logging. I live in the Mac world. I keep my real log on, with weekly .ADIF export backups. I export to LoTW as well. After I am done playing portable, I export my file for safekeeping , verify it with ADIF Master (on my PC) and remove it from HAMRS.

I have HAMRS on my Macbook, a Maestro PC and my iPad Mini 6. I tried the Maestro and yes, it does wash out in the sunlight, so that is a pass for me. I use the iPad the most, simple and lightweight, with a long-lasting battery to boot.

Yes, I use my PC for N1MM+ when I am contesting. CAT control comes into play there. I don’t need CAT control when playing portable on my iPad, simple is best.

Others are requesting the moon and stars, (more templates, CAT control, import ADIF, synching across platforms, better keypad, WSJT-X integration …). I vote KISS!

Thanks for the hard work and a great tool for my portable operations.
Dave, K6WDE

After reading some of the wanted features, I have to agree with you Dave, I think keeping HAMRS simple is the best way to go. I use FT-8 a lot and I like the CAT control, however I have had issues with the program and sometimes it takes time to sort out if it is a computer problem or a radio problem. I can’t tell you how many times I have hit TEST CAT in the FT-8 program and a box comes up telling me I have an error. All part of the learning process but I enjoy HAMRS because it is simple. Good luck. Bill N3EDO