The jumping cursor on the "their callsign" field

I have the issue when typing in a few characters in the "Their Callsign " field/Box. I will enter a few characters for the end of a callsign during a pile-up. Once I contact the station, I hit the up arrow button to return to the beginning of the line. As soon as I type the first character, the cursor jumps to the end of the line. If I am not paying attention, I will keep typing, and the 2nd and 3rd characters will be entered at the end of the line.

Example of text string during an exchange:

Activator types “IBT” in the “Their Callsign” field

ACTIVATOR: Station ending “IBT” come back please?

Hunter - “KI5IBT”

Typed result
should read KI5IBT

I know someone asked this earlier this month, but the replies timed out, and the issue was closed.

Does anyone else have this issue?

I have taken to writing the partial call sign on a notepad and then entering the full callsign in the “Their Callsign” field in one action to complete the QSO.

I have the same issue when attempting to correct or complete a partial call-sign. Very frustrating when dealing with a pile up. It just seems that where ever you place the cursor it should stay. So, digging thru ealier discussions on this issue I did see where using “Caps Lock” fixes the problem. Good to know and my try out of the issue showed that “caps lock” resolved it. Thanks for the program and the forum. I should read more before complaining…silly me!

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The Jumping Cursor Bug actually rears its ugly head on at least five of the input fields. I tried the “CAPS LOCK fix” on my last activation and it works perfectly. WOO HOO!

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