The RaDAR Challenge

I just watched Jason’s video on the RaDAR challenge or “Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio”, and thought it might be a fun club activity. We could challenge each other and then submit the individual logs to the org that runs it. I think your app would be the perfect way to collect the logs and calculate the score.

The website shows a photo of a log sheet they suggest modeling submissions after, but nobody wants to read my hen scratch. The exchange is simple, call sign, signal report and grid square. Ingredients you already have. Bonus points if you can calculate grid square from a device’s GPS. This event happens thrice a year, and we have until November for the next one.

Maybe I will have a better portable setup by then that doesn’t involve taking my IC-718 everywhere. (Its was I currently do for POTA.)

Would be fun to do HF mobile on a bike xD

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