The State of HAMRS

Hello Folks!

It has been, well, a while. I have been extremely busy with life, and my work on HAMRS has suffered. I’m happy to say that is seems to be getting to where I can spend more time working on this project.

In the next month or two, HAMRS will be migrating to a new database schema that will allow you to store your data wherever you’d like - Dropbox, a Cloud Provider, etc.

Work has previously been done to create a real-time sync solution. I’ve been using it myself. But this would require a subscription model to support the infrastructure, and I don’t think folks would be happy with that. At the end of the day, a simplified and portable database solution is what I think folks would be happiest with.

All of this to say, thank you to those who continue to use and support HAMRS. I’m so happy to have helped. And a million thanks to @KZ3L who has held down the community fort. I owe you so much!

Stay tuned. Regular bug fixes are coming, a new templating system for logbooks, and the database migration!



Glad to hear that you’ve been able to free up a bit of time.

But even more glad to hear that things are going well for you on your end.

All the best,

Jack N8EU

Looking forward to seeing your bug fix updates and especially the database migration!!! …joe/KG0HG

Thanks, Jarrett - I know how precious time is. Really appreciate HAMRS

Gary W9CPY

@Jarrett Hey it’s so good to see you back in the saddle. I’m really excited to see where you are taking this great software. And you don’t owe me anything—you’ve given a lot to the community and I’m glad to reciprocate with a tip or two to those who ask for help.

Looking forward to your next release!


Would there be a way to apply the sync with ones own cloud based database i.e. one drive Google drive, drop box etc. Without standing up a subscription system?

I think that is exactly what @jarrett is planning to do instead of requiring a subscription to share data between devices. Will defer to him to elaborate when he can.

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Great news, Jarrett! There is no other logging app/program out there like HAMRS. Believe me, I’ve looked. Now this comes from a guy that primarily does POTA activations and some hunting, so HAMRS is the best for portable ops for me, at least. As far as a subscription model, I’d sign-up right away without hesitation. I’m in HAMRS every day. Super happy to hear this news!!


Looking forward to the continued improvements , Great app, I use on my iPad on ever activation. I use a keyboard, so when I tab to the RST window, I would be nice to have it highlighted ready to modify if needed .
Great App, thanks for your efforts … VE1SK

Hey Jarrett, are you looking at automatically closed bug reports? This one in particular has a painful work-a-round.

I created an account just to say thanks for all the time and work you have put into this app. The ability to backup and restore my data was causing hesitation, but it looks like you are working hard to move the database to the cloud in some form or fashion. Just a backup and restore function would be acceptable to me for what it is worth. Looking forward to the updates. I may go ahead and purchase the mobile app and wait in anticipation of the coming updates. 73

@Jarrett Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the new enhancements! I’ve used HAMRS on about 30 activations and no problems so far so know on wood. Thanks Chris de WX7V

@jarrett Can you point me to a solution for HAMRS not loading on MacBook? Three recent postings by others on this subject were auto closed without solution offered. The error message cites verification needed.

Thanks for great product. Just can’t get 1.0.6 to open.

Bill W4WWB