"Their Park" Field Bug Record Will Not Save

Here is a strange one that I have started noticing recently.
If I type in some text in the “Their Park” field, and then erase it, and then come back to it, HAMRS will not let me save that contact. When this happens I am pretty much “stuck” without the ability to save. Much like if the “Band” field is not filled out, it will highlight the Band field and will not let you save the record. But this behavior does not highlight the field so I was always wondering what was wrong or what required field was missing.

Let me re-state the behavior: If I enter anything in the “Their Park” field and then delete it, HAMRS will NOT save that record. No matter what I enter in other fields or clearing all fields, it will not save the record if anything had been entered and deleted, and I am forced to exit the log and come back in fresh. Very time consuming. Try it.

The ONLY workaround I have found is to enter any character except a comma or a space, and it will let you save the record. These days I type in some useable info like “dx” or “contest” in the “Their Park” field so that I can save the record and move on.

I discovered this bug (behavior) when I would make a contact with a station and needed to type in the operator’s name or QTH or something. The Comment field does not show up in portrait mode so I was being clever and efficient by typing in “Scott” in the Their Park field for example. I know it wouldn’t hurt anything during the Pota upload because there is no park designated “Scott” so it would just be ignored. Plus in my log I can see the name “Scott” in the last column of the HAMRS app in the entries tab. However, when I tried clearing the Their Park field and saving the record is when I found out that it will not save.

Not sure if this is a known issue, but I did not see it posted so I created this as a new topic. Can anyone else confirm this behavior/bug??

I am using a Samsung Note 20 Android, latest OS, HAMRS ver 1.06.

Ya it’s a known bug in windows.
You have to wipe the whole entry (ESC KEY) and re-enter ALL data.
Temp work around is to leave CAPS LOCK ON all the time.
Works for me.
73 Tom VE3THR

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if it happens , just enter something in their park field, I just enter a K and it will save, then edit the entry later before you upload the file. It doesn’t happen often, I think it’s when you enter something in the Their Park field and you back space out, it is looking for something in the field.

Steve VE1SK

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Thanks. Yes, i found that out too. Too bad it behaves like that, but at least it will save if i type something in…which saves me from re-entering the entire contact from scratch.

I’m come across this bug many times. You don’t have to wipe the record and start again. I’ve found it easier to just enter K-0000 as the park number and continue on. Then afterwards I scroll through my contacts and edit that record.

Michael KB9VBR

Thanks for your comment Mike! And thanks for all your helpful advice and interesting content in your videos. I enjoy them very much. In fact I just watched your Ultimate Antenna Kit video last night.

HAMRS is my only logging software and the bugs I find and report here are just nits that would be great if fixed but doesn’t stop me from using the software. When I do quick activations (1-2 hours) I am typically using my phone in portrait mode to log contacts. The comment field does not show up in HAMRS when in portrait mode, so I started typing in partial calls in the “Their Park” field. Then when I deleted the partial call from the field and tried to save the record is when I discovered this bug.

Maybe I will do a video and post it showing how and why I would like a comment field in portrait mode. Mostly because I want to capture a 2nd or 3rd callsign I heard or capture something about the contact (like “contest station” or “dx” etc. I also use the steno pads as my backup logging software (low-tech pen & paper), thanks to you. When I manually record contacts, I am always scratching in notes or other pile-up callsigns off to the side.

When I put my phone in landscape mode the comment field does appear, but so do all kinds of other stuff on the screen making it unusable for me.

Hopefully I will catch you on a park to park someday. Cheers and 73.

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