Their Park Field - Enhancement Request

It seems, to help speed up logging while activating a park, if you get a park to park contact you should be able to enter their park number only and if multiple parks, then enter number with comma followed by next park number. So example they give park K-2234 & K-2235 so then all we have to do is enter “2234,2235” this would help speed up the process much quicker. Maybe to accomplish this you could…….

Is the letter “K-“ always before the number? Or are there parks with a different letter sometimes other than K? Could there be a drop down to select the letters that are used, including the dash and it defaults to what you used last and then on the backend you put it together for the export logs, etc.?

Other countries begin with other letters. As far as I remember the POTA system needs The - to properly process the P2P.

@HotelCalifornia is correct. Only US parks begin with K-. All other countries begin with a different prefix.

And yes, the dash is a required character.

I think using a different approach – defaulting to your prefix of choice, then allowing the user to switch later – would be a bit too clunky. Just my opinion though.

DX parks come through occasionally, I’ve even been called for a P2P by a DX park now and then. It would be a shame to miss getting credit for a DX park by having an incorrect prefix automatically entered.

I had a few Canada parks today that were “VE-“ if there were a drop down so that I could have selected the drop down and then type “V” to select “VE-“ then in the next field when I touch it to enter the number it would bring up the number keyboard like it does when you touch the signal report fields. This would make for a much more easier entry faster entry.

Today my biggest issue was entering a park to park contact on my iPhone. There has to be a better way just to enter their number with having the number keyboard like the signal reports are and having not to deal with the letter and dash.

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