"Their Park" is not Documented in saved log entry

Please Help - This app is useless for me without this functionality.

Version 0.11.4
iPhone 8 iOS 13.3.1

“Their Park” information does not enter into the log entry and it does not clear from the input form after the entry is saved

I have tried new logs and turning off and restarting the phone and app to no avail

That’s really odd. What park reference are you trying to enter? Does it save ANYTHING or just certain things?

@jarrett It’s the same bug I reported in the beta test channel.


Here’s a recorded example:

It saves everything correctly except “Their Park” and it also does not clear “Their Park” information from the input page.

That is exactly it - Thanks for the input

@AC8RG Walt, are you planning to upgrade your version of iOS at any time in the near future? I would be very curious to know if the problem disappears for you with iOS 15.

0.11.5 hotfix is out for iOS beta testers. I tested it in a sim, but I don’t have a device with with 12 on it. @KZ3L any way you could try it on your iPad Air?

I am doing the update now - I will let you know what happens

@Jarrett Sure—am traveling today but will give it a try this evening.

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yep, trying to do it now

I upgraded to 15.0.2 and it appears to have fixed this issue - woo-hoo. I haven’t been through all of the functions yet but hopefully it will be fine. Thank you

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Great! Glad to hear that fixed the problem.

I’ll check later this evening to see if the next beta fixes this on older versions of iOS. Some devices can’t be upgraded any longer, like my older iPad Air.

@Jarrett 0.11.5(1) beta fixes the park problem in iOS 12.5.5 on my older iPad Air.

Bravo and thank you!

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