"Their Park" not logging in QSO Ver. 0.11.3

I am using version 0.11.3 on Android Version 10. When I enter the other operator’s park number, it doesn’t record it in the QSO log. It also then stays populated in the template on future QSO’s unless I manually delete it from the field.

Good morning Richie!

I don’t use Android and have never had this problem on the iPad, iPhone, or Windows. But a couple of standard trouble-shooting ideas come to mind.

Just so I understand this, the current QSO doesn’t retain “their park” entry, but the subsequent ones do?

You might try (1) fully closing HAMRS, (2) rebooting your device, (3) starting a fresh log with the POTA template, (4) ensuring you fill in all fields for the QSO–including frequency and your park, and (5) making sure you enter “Their park” in the format of “K-####” (with the dash).


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Well, I had reset the tablet once along with completely shutting down the app and restarting it as well. It seems it just needed some coaching from you! Thanks for the advice as I have been an Apple user on the phone side for 10+ years and only bought the tablet strictly for POTA activations. I am rather unfamiliar with Android OS, although I am sure the principles are similar to iOS.

Thanks for your help. This issue seems to be resolved on my device.

Awesome! Glad it is working now.

Have fun with POTA!