Time Pause - Time Updates

I have about 30 log entries that all share the same time.

I see that this was caused by me, not sure I did it, but I must have turned off the auto time feature.

The time feature flashes screen when it is working, I would like to suggest that when this is turned off that it is RED.

Also perhaps another mode where the time updates after you click save. (Maybe BLUE). this was you don’t have to use up resources flashing green and updating the time field.

I like this idea, too.

Another approach, in addition to the color, would be to attach a “pause” icon ( || ) in the upper-right corner of the clock button to further clarify that the clock is stopped. (Don’t replace the icon though since that is sometimes confusing – does the pause indicate I can press it to pause, or is it currently paused? Ha ha)

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