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Did my first activation with HAMRS at K-2261 in Indiana today. I noticed that the time stamps all seemed to be 6-7 minutes behind. I confirmed this by adding a couple of bogus calls and they recorded 6-7 minutes off. My very first call however was a P2P in CO and it recorded around 4 hours behind but I didn’t notice it at the time. I really have no idea what time the call was as I was letting the app do its thing. I will have to contact the P2P operator for the correct time. At the time I was using my iPhone hot spot for internet connectivity. I don’t know if the issue is related to that or not. I was using an iPad 5th Gen with iPadOS 14.7.1, and HAMRS 0.11.3. Interestingly I put a couple more bogus calls in when I got home using a home network and the times were correct.

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Were you doing a rapid-fire activation (pile-up) or was there significant spacing between QSOs?

The current version of HAMRS records the time stamp for the NEXT QSO after entering the current one. I think this is supposed to be fixed in the next release to record the actual time when you hit ENTER or the SAVE button.

As it presently stands, if you created your log before the activation and recorded your first QSO 4 hours later, the time of the QSO would be recorded 4 hours early unless you pressed the button next to the time field to force an update.

Until this is fixed, recommend pressing that button before saving each and every QSO. If you have a pile-up, this isn’t necessary.

Thanks. I guess that explains the 4 hours. I did create the log before I went to the park. That means then that all of my calls have the wrong time. I’m not sure how to fix it or if it’s really necessary to fix it.

Thanks again for the explanation.

No, it means only the first call is way off… the others may be 6 or 7 minutes off but that really doesn’t matter much for POTA and LoTW. 15 minutes is accurate enough for POTA (park to park matches) and 30 minutes is good enough for LoTW.

The time stamp issues appear to have been fixed in the new release (0.11.4).

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Thanks for the update Kevin.

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