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When activating for POTA, I usually log on paper then enter my qso’s into HAMRS when I return to my home QTH. Works fine except that my qso times don’t match those of the other station. I export an adif and transfer it to POTA for credit. Also works fine except for the time delay. POTA appears to not recognize Park to Park contacts that don’t align timewise. Is there a way for me to set the time of my activation to match the actual time vs. the time I enter the data into HAMRS?

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I believe this is what you’re asking…

You can click on the green RR tracks in the time stamp. at the bottom of the entry box. The box will change to a red triangle and freeze the time clock. This will allow you to modify the time entry as necessary. Reclicking the red triangle will change it to green and restart the time clock to active and current time. Be sure to similarly modify to the correct date if necessary. When you hit the enter button, the modified time will be recorded.

I believe POTA requires both parties on a P2P to be within 15 minutes of the same time.

Is this what you are asking.?

If there is still a problem, you can email me at my QRZ address. I live in Centerville. If necessary we can meet at a POTA park and work it out.

Jack N8EU

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Jack is correct in his reply to your question, and I’m pretty sure that he’s spot on with what you are asking. I also do paper logs while activating CW since it’s easier/faster than entering real-time into HAMRS (with CW). The green button to the right of the real-time clock field will STOP the clock and allow you to change the time manually (without seconds which are unimportant). As Jack says, make sure to adjust your date if necessary (depending on when you are entering your paper logs into HAMRS). One thing I have noticed which I think you might notice, IF you are unable to pick the correct date from the pop-up calendar date picker, briefly start and stop the real-time clock field. That will allow you to pick the date you want. I think this happens when you are in a HAMRS session and have stopped the clock, then when your PC clock moves into the next day at 00:00 and you return to that already active HAMRS session with the clock stopped, HAMRS doesn’t allow you to pick a future date for the log entry. Starting and stopping the time clock field lets HAMRS know that you are now in the next day and allows you to pick the date. What you want to do is doable, and it works very well for me. Stopping the clock allows you to set the correct time for your QSOs.


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