Time update with no internet

If you have no internet connection does the time still update with each contact?

The logger uses your device’s local time. Presumably it keeps time with plenty of accuracy for logging even if you’re off-network. If the device loses time (like a laptop battery resetting) you’ll have to set the date and time again on the device.

Does that mean that when you upload the log the times will all need to changed to utc

Have you tried out the software? It takes into account the time zone set on your device, so you can watch the UTC date/time count in the logger view while you’re entering other information. Check one time that it’s showing UTC, then you’ll still be good so long as the device settings remain stable.

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This is something i wondered and, for peace of mind, checked by turning off both mobile data and wifi on my phone and all worked perfectly. Obviously you dont get any details of the station worked at the time, but otherwise all OK.

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