Trailing spaces

Today I did a quick POTA activation, using HAMRS on my iPhone to log the contacts. When I got home, I exported the logs to an ADI file, which I then imported into MacLoggerDX. I also uploaded the ADI file to the POTA website, and MacLoggerDX was able to upload those logs to LOTW and eQSL without issue. When I went to upload the logs from MLDX to QRZ, that’s where I ran into trouble: the logs would not upload.

The root cause of the MLDX->QRZ upload error turned out to be that my callsign included a trailing space. The origin of this trailing space was the HAMRS app on my iPhone: I checked the profile on my phone, and sure enough, the callsign included a trailing space.

Is this a known bug? The app should definitely catch leading and trailing spaces and should eliminate them.

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