Trouble with a multi-state "park"

I did a POTA “2-fer” yesterday, Fort Abercrombie Historic Site (K-5748) and the North Country Scenic Trail (K-4239). I made the log for Fort Abercrombie, which went fine, and uploaded it to the POTA web site. Then, I wanted to change the park from K-5748 (Ft. Abercrombie) to K-4239 (NC Trail), so that I could also upload this log to the POTA site. When I read in K-4239, I got a dialog box to ask me which state. There was a little drop-down menu, and I clicked “USA-ND,” and nothing happened. I tried it several times, and the software would not save the file as K-4239, as I was apparently unsuccessful in telling HAMRS that I was in K-4239 USA-ND. I am probably missing something obvious, and any help is appreciated.

When activating a multi-park location, log the primary park as normal. When the activation is completed, export the ADI file and send it to yourself. Open the file in a text editor on your computer. Use Find&Replace (usually ctrl-H) to globally replace the MY_SIG_INFO entries to the second park number. Use File>SaveAs to save the file with the new park number. Submit both logs to POTA. Once you get used to this, you can generally create the second file in just a couple of minutes.

Michael WA7SKG
POTA 7th Area Coordinator
POTA HelpDesk Agent

Forgot to add. When you created the original log, HAMRS automatically created a MY_STATE entry in the log. When you changed the log to the second park number, that MY_STATE entry was in there and read by the POTA parser. Since it was read from a log entry, it would not allow you to change it from the entry box, so just let it go.

Apparently, everything worked, as I see both logs successfully uploaded to your account.

Michael WA7SKG

Yes, I did the search-and-replace for the K-value, using a text editor, and that worked. Thanks.

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