Turn Off Autolookup?

Is there a way to choose not to fill with data from QRZ? Maybe I am just missing it.

For instance when I am hunting POTA it will automatically fill with the operator’s home qth but they are in the field and sometimes across states so I’d rather just fill what state they were in manually rather than having to also delete everything.


To simplify I’d love to be able to toggle off QRZ lookups on any of the templates. I find auto filling sometimes isn’t helpful.

I should also mention I’m using the Android version.

I used the app on Android this weekend. Overall really pretty slick. I did wish I could turn off lookups because of the notification method. I had some trouble when I entered partial call signs it would popup a match on the partial, then another popup on an actual match. Sometimes there were enough popups that I couldn’t see the entry fields anymore. Maybe if popups replaced the previous rather than came in under an old one. Especially on callsign matches since a partial or an incorrect match aren’t relevant.