Two’fers and more - Log duplication

I just activated a double two’fer - two parks with two parks within each other.

I wish I could have easily duplicated a log to submit as the requested separate park/log ADI file.

After manually duplicating two extra logs, I think this could be a quick/easy/useful feature—

Suggestion: A menu option to duplicate a log and then rename it accordingly



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When I work a two’fer, first I export original log under first parks number, then edit each contact’s “My Park” to second park, and export second park with its number. I make these a quick activation, around 14, knowing my work ahead editing.
Add an option in Logbook view, when you touch edit, in pop up, there is another option “Export ‘fer.ADI”. It’s ask for new “My Park”, then to export file name.

That works -

I just feel, having the ability from the app where we use the drop down to select export we could also have the option to select ‘duplicate’ this would be a one stop, easy to update for the multiple logs.


That would work for me. In Tennessee, lots of state parks are on state forest. Lots of TN Wildlife Management Areas are also part of TN forest systems. All have POTA numbers.