Two or more Parks same time

Is there easy way to log a 2fer or 3fer?

Yes use comma separated, put a comma between the parks in same log entry and when you save it multiple entires will be created, one for each park. That is if it’s not you as the activator, as the activator (your log) you would have to create a log for each park you are activating from

I’m an activator. The commas work great on Park to Park. When working two parks, filling two logs, is there to a way to edit all My Park at once, not one at a time.

I think the solve we came up with in the forums here was for me provide a way to duplicate a log, but change the park number, and then it updates all of the QSOs in the new log with the new park information. I think ( could be wrong) that you have to send one log per park?

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That would be great. Duplicate log, change park number and export.


Yes, that is the correct way to submit logs to POTA.

I often activate POTA/ It is great that there is a POTA and SOTA log templates but when working say POTA to SOTA there is no look up for the SOTA. Could a template that includes a lookup for both be created. Great work on the software!