Two or more Parks same time

Is there easy way to log a 2fer or 3fer?

Yes use comma separated, put a comma between the parks in same log entry and when you save it multiple entires will be created, one for each park. That is if it’s not you as the activator, as the activator (your log) you would have to create a log for each park you are activating from

I’m an activator. The commas work great on Park to Park. When working two parks, filling two logs, is there to a way to edit all My Park at once, not one at a time.

I think the solve we came up with in the forums here was for me provide a way to duplicate a log, but change the park number, and then it updates all of the QSOs in the new log with the new park information. I think ( could be wrong) that you have to send one log per park?


That would be great. Duplicate log, change park number and export.


Yes, that is the correct way to submit logs to POTA.

I often activate POTA/ It is great that there is a POTA and SOTA log templates but when working say POTA to SOTA there is no look up for the SOTA. Could a template that includes a lookup for both be created. Great work on the software!

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I duplicate the first log
change the name (park number) on the new log
Change my park # in the initial set up on right to the second park
close and goto logbooks
re-open new log and the park numbers goes back to reflecting the first park and the second park number is no where to be found?
Did I do something wrong? Loaded new Hamrs 1.0.0

it does not work? I thought I did this before in December without an issue. Did anything change in the new upgrade? I can’t enter my second park without re-typing the park number in each of the 85 contacts?

None of the HAMRS releases have supported bulk changing your park number.

The simplest way to handle this is to export the ADIF, copy the file with a new name, and either (1) do a search and replace for the park number with a text editor (like Notepad on Windows), or (2) use a dedicated utility such as ADIF Master to change the MY_SIG_INFO entry for each record…

It’s an extra step, for sure, but it’s not hard to do.

HAMRS has supported it. I have done it several times earlier this past month. When you click on duplicate log it gives you the choice to change the Log Name and there is a box to add the Park Number. When this is done it changes to the new park number in all the contacts made from the old log to the new log.
I’m not sure when the newest version came out, I hope this hasn’t changed in the last couple weeks since I have logged last…
What I would LOVE to see next is a bulk change for duplicating logs from a POTA to a SOTA and vise versa

Duh! My apologies. You are absolutely correct. Sorry for the brain fart. Looks like that was added in 0.10.4.

The takeaway for @Rob_Farquharson_Sr: when you duplicate the log, don’t just change the name… be sure to change the park number too at the same time. Changing the park number within the right-side panel within the logbook won’t change any of the QSOs.

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