Unable to update Fire Tablet

I have an Amazon Fire Tablet I have happily been using HAMRS for quite a while. I have both the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. When I search for HAMRS, it only says Installed and shows an Open button. Nothing gives any indication on how to upgrade to the new version.

Do I have to uninstall and try to reinstall to get the new version?

Michael WA7SKG

That is what I did on my Android tablet.
…Dave KD2E

Any chance that the app updated automatically? I know mine did on my Android phone.

Sean, AI7EQ

I’m having the same problem. There used to be a link for Fire on the main page. I do not see it now.

I believe if you go to the app store where you got the program there will be a link to update.


Hello there,

Could you please provide me with more details about the issue you are experiencing while trying to update your Fire Tablet?

The app did not update. When I go to the Play Store, it just shows buttons to open or uninstall. I finally tried clicking on uninstall and it has been sitting there with a spinning circle around the HAMRS icon and saying “uninstalling” for several days now. Originally, HAMRS was not available on the App Store, so I installed the Play Store and installed it from there. Now it does show up in the Amazon AppStore, but just with an OPEN button.

I went into Settings > Apps and uninstalled the HAMRS program, then went into the Play Store and installed the new version. I had to pay another $4.99 to download. For some reason, Google reverted back to my Texas address (I changed it to Oregon when I moved 7 years ago) so they also charged me State Sales Tax on the purchase. Now I have the latest version on my Fire Tablet, although I have lost all previous log information.

Michael WA7SKG