"Updated Android SDK target" Version 1.0.6

Im at a loss here and hoping this is reversable… My phone just updated HAMRS 10/5/23 at 6:30 pm, despite the last update being displayed as 9/18/23.
When I opened the Google play store to see what notes there may have been and the title of this post was all that was displayed.
Once I opened the app I was prompted to create a profile, which I thought was odd but proceeded anyway. Well now I have none of my previous logs.

Any light to be shed on this would be greatly appreciated, Id love to have those logs.


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Can confirm this happened on my device too. It’s incredibly annoying that there is no way to properly backup your configuration and import logs in the case of a reinstall or random forced update.

Luckily I export my logs to my laptop shortly after my portable activations.


Thanks for confirming, Im not alone. Its nice to know people still find their way to this page. I was actually going to upload everything because I knew it had been awhile, but too little to late.

I think its unacceptable to pay for a product that just falls apart like this without any accountability. I regret promoting this application to clubs, friends, and anyothers whos path ice crossed and said this was the way to go.

I hate to say this because it was a very convenient app.

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Can confirm this happened to me today too (prompted to relog in, all logs deleted). Although additionally, when you create a new log, it no longer looks up the contacts and fills in their location information. Also it will not load “My Grid” from the location box. The app is totally useless now after this update!


Sorry to hear Im not the only one. Even after creating a new profile it doesnt show up under the drop down.
Im sure there will be more to come.

I logged a activation today and now I can not export ADI now. Nothing happens when I touch export…no options at all, nothing. I really don’t want to lose it obviously.
Also had to relog and lost old logs too.
Plugged the tablet into a computer and couldn’t find the log that way either although there was one of the lost logs visible.


The tallys keep adding up. I hope this will draw some attention to the situation. Keep this thread going.

Same problem here, I lost my old logs and can’t export the log I just created.


There was an overnight fix that partially resolves things, but export is still broken.


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