“Updated Android SDK target” Version 1.0.6

Google Store Update “Updated Android SDK target” Version 1.0.6 basically bricked the app on Android (Samsung S205G, One UI 5.1, Android v13). All existing logs deleted and after re-signing in, the look up features no longer function. Hamrs cannot access “MY GRID,” clicking it has no effect and it will not detect location. Hamrs has no permission requests at all in the app settings (not sure if it did prior to this update). I’m using the paid version.

I am experiencing the same after updating to 1.0.6 on Samsung S22+ (prompted to relog in, all logs deleted). The Help dialogue input box and POTA Spots page say “It looks like you’re offline” even though I’m connected to wifi and mobile data (even toggled between both). This worked beautifully before the update, now not so much. Even the Export ADI function is not working.

Me too. Wiped everything out and now it doesn’t work like it used to.

Same here. Can’t find anything in my Android files either. Really hoping this is reversible.

Edit: Can confirm it saying its Offline, and HAMRS having no permissions associated with the app in the Android settings. The being said, when I type in a valid call, it’ll look it up and show the right info, and it automatically pulled my grid in

Same here for me as well. Pixel 6 pro, running latest updates.

Some more bugs:

  • When you restart the app your profile disappears completely.
  • starting a new log leaves the “my callsign” field unpopulated.
  • the time field defaults to being paused instead of giving current UTC.

It almost feels like the developer never bothered to test the app before rolling it out. Come on man…

I too lost my logs with this update.

Also, I can no longer export logs. This leaves me with a log stuck on my phone that I’ll have to transcribe manually.

Me Too! Samsung S10e is HAMRS bricked. Lost all my logs from SOTA/POTA vacation before I could export to ADIF.

I have the Samsung Galaxy S23, and my HAMRS profile and logs were dumped as well.

Same for me. Says offline. Data gone.

There was an overnight fix or update (still says 1.0.6) that at least restores the logs created before this update was pushed out in Sept. However, I still can’t export logs, rendering HAMRS useless to me.


Same problem. In addition I cannot export adi files anymore.

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