Updating HAMRS on Amazon Fire Tablet

After much struggling, I finally got HAMRS updated to 1.0.7 on my Fire tablet. In both the Amazon AppStore and the Google PlayStore, HAMRS showed up, but only had an OPEN button, no way to do an update. In the Google PlayStore, it did have an uninstall button, but it would not uninstall the program. It said HAMRS was not installed through Google PlayStore (it was).

My only option was to go into Settings>Apps and uninstall it from there. Doing so I lost all my previous logs and information.

I did a new install from the Google PlayStore and got 1.0.7 installed. It charged me another $4.99 to do so. It all seems to work fine with the new park numbers, etc.

I got my invoice from Google this morning and see that they also charged me State and Local sales tax on the purchase, which is odd because I live in Oregon and do not pay any kind of sales tax on anything. I’ve gone through all the Google help stuff and can find no contact or recourse. I purchase other things through Google all the time and have never been charged sales tax. Just beware of surprises.

Michael WA7SKG