Updating new verson

First i want to say thanks for the update. I love using hamrs for pota logs.

I was able to update my android phone at the app store. It works good.
I did activate a new park. Us-11257. It didn’t show up on the list.
Next question. I want to update my computer, its running windows 11. I could’ve find and way to do that. So do i have to uninstall it and reinstall it to update?

Regarding the new park, HAMRS doesn’t (currently) pull the park database real-time so it won’t find any that were created since (or slightly prior to) the 1.0.7 release.

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Did you just try installing the executable file for 1.0.7? I think it should overwrite your current installation without having to remove 1.0.6 first.

Thanks. I read that after posting this. Its an easy fix for me. Just put the info in manually.

I downloaded the file. It didn’t seem to overwrite it.

But you got it to work okay?

Not yet. Been busy. Thanks for the reply.