Using POTA Excel file to fill in location when hunting

I wanted to add this to / revise my previous feature request, but the topic closed 2 hours ago.

When I hunt, the program unfortunately doesn’t load any of the location information since the person isn’t at their location.

However, POTA does put out an excel file that lists the vast majority of the parks in the program as well as the location (state, province, etc) and the grid square.

Is it possible for HAMRS to cross reference this excel file based on the park number and at least list the State/province and grid location?

I know it’s not needed for hunting, but I upload my hunting to my logbook so it’d be nice to have that info at least.

Totally understand if it’s not possible.

Bruce KE8QFP

It should be doing this for you already - enter a park reference in ‘Their Park’ and you’ll see it pull a grid square. State/Country is coming in 0.11.0 and is currently in beta.

EDIT: I misread your comment - copying wasn’t pulling any of that - it is now in the current Beta Build, which will be out in a few days.

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