Using QRZ so it links to Hamrs

how to set it up so it works

Not sure of your question.

If you are trying to use QRZ as your lookup service, visit your profile settings and enter your login credentials for Then in Settings, select to be your lookup service.

If you are trying to do something other than this, please clarify your request.

Unless you have a paid subscription to QRZ, putting in your login on your free account will not achieve a lookup.

If you’re looking for a free lookup service, HamQTH is the one that works. All you need to do is to get a free account.

You can register for a free account here

Once you have registered, use your HamQTH credentials in your HAMRS profile and set your lookup for HamQTH.

QRZ lookup will work as a non-premium subscriber, but it won’t populate the grid square.

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