V1.0.07 won't run on a 32 bit Win 10 version

I tried to update HAMRS from 1.0.6 to the new 1.0.7 version on my ASUS Tablet/laptop but it would not allow this. It told me my system Windows 10 version was 32 bit and the new versiom of HARS soesn’t not run on a 32 bit OS?? the V1.0.6 has been running just fine.

Is there a work around or emulation mode etc. for this besides having to completely reload a whole new version of Windows 10 in 64 bit version? The only program this computer runs is HAMRS for me doing POTA and fieled day work.

Yeah I have the same issue. My tablet is running a 32 bit windows OS and I can’t run the new version either. I really don’t want to format and reinstall windows 64 bit. Holding out for a 32 bit compile.

O I like the software but won’t buy a new tablet just for it and won’t update my windows version Win 10 from 32 Bit to 64 bit. Cost too much and not worth the effort. I’ll either keep using the old version which I don’t want to do or likely switch to another software package.
This is why I’m switching over to Linux slowly but surely. Windows is nothing but a pain in the ass always.


Yeah that might be the way to go

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