VE-1863 geographical plot error issue

Park VE-1863 mapped to a position in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa, but it should be located in Canada.

When I transcribed a recent paper POTA activation log into HAMRS 1.0.6 (7) using the Mac version, one of my contacts was a Park 2 Park with a Canadian call and they reported their park as VE-1863. I double-checked the, and that contact reported they were at VE-1863 when contact was made. The says the park is in Canada, not in the Atlantic Ocean.


The HAMRS park list hasn’t been updated in a long time.

I suspect VE-1863 didn’t have any coordinates entered into the POTA database when the list was transferred to HAMRS, but has since been corrected on

Without coordinates, the default location becomes “null island” — 0 degrees latitude and longitude — which translates to maidenhead grid square JJ00aa.

If @jarrett gets around to updating the database at some point, this would be corrected the next time you log this park (and any other ones that have been changed or added).

For now, you can edit that QSO and log the grid square as FN75uf, which is the one listed on

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