View state in POTA spotting tab

New to HAMRS and wanting to really like this simple concept. It would be awesome to add the state field to the POTA spotting tab as a minimal addition. Not a lot of data to add and should not take up much space.

Thanks, 73

Welcome to HAMRS!

Not sure what you’re requesting. The POTA spotting tab currently lists the state (see image below). Are you looking for something different from this?

Thank you for the tip and a really cool logging software.

I didn’t realize that it was in the tiled view as I always use the table or list view. It would be nice to see the state in this view as well.

Monroe, K4ZEV

Agree–that would be a nice touch.

I’ll tag @Jarrett (developer) to consider this recommendation.

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Yes, I use the table view and not the tile view. Would love to have the state listed there as well. And please fix the jumping cursor bug. KB9JMU

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