What happened to "Lookup All"?

Using 1.0.5 Windows. I thought there was a “Lookup All” function. Was in a park for 6 days. Over 600 SSB contacts made. No cell coverage. So no calls were “Looked Up”. Sooooo I’m going to have to click on every one to look them up?

Prior to the release of version 1.0, some users were experiencing data loss when using the Lookup All feature. If I recall correctly, you were hit by that bug. @Jarrett removed the Lookup All feature to mitigate the risk of loss.

Now that the database has completely been retooled starting with the release of version 1.0, perhaps this is worth bringing back.

Wow, over 600 QSOs? You were one busy operator!!!

That’s a lot to process. Just spitballing here… average of 2 seconds per lookup = about 20 minutes of time.

You realize, I’m sure, that you don’t need to look them up to submit them to POTA. Only look them up for your own curiosity/edification.

Agreed, I don’t see why you would look them up! Or load into ACLOG and let it do it.

Well they are done now. I understand about not needing the callsigns to be looked up. And yes. It was for my own satisfaction. If I am going to work that hard for a solid week, yes. I would like to see a map… for just me and to share. And yes if it does slow things down as the program did before, then no. I do not want that feature to be put back in. I did notice a little bit of delay while entering calls. (On a Dell i7, 16g ram and SSD) I also made sure to make a .adi after each day. Another topic for another day. Thanks all and 73, Robert KD4YDC