Where is My HAMRS data Stored?

I did something stupid …

I changed my O/S from Pop! OS (Linux) to Windows 10 cause I needed a change, but I think I lost my HAMRS logs. Well, I’m confident I lost my log data. To tell you the truth I don’t know…

I stored my app in Dropbox, but I have a funny feeling the data was stored under my home in a hidden directory.

Where are the local HAMRS data files stored on a Linux machine? And for that matter where are they stored on all supported OS’es?

Luckily I’m a very new HAM and don’t ham many logs, only NET’s I participated in.

Thanks and love the app!


I am sorry to say that if you wiped that linux install your data is in fact gone.
On Linux systems the HAMRS data is in /home/username/.config/hamrs or ~/.config/hamrs
I’m afraid I’m not familiar with where the data is stored on Windows machines.


Ah no biggie, like I said I only had a handful of logs.

Thanks Brian for the quick response.

Regarding Windows 10:
I did a quick search and think one of the following directories houses the hamrs data. I bolded the one I think it is.