Why are these QSOs marked as DUPE

Not sure if this is a bug or not. Maybe I just don’t understand what is happening.

I’m curious why lines 1 and 2 are showing as DUPE. They are on different frequencies but on the same date.

Line 2 is on the same frequency as line 3 but on a different date as the time rolled over into the next day.

Can someone explain why they are marked as DUPE?

I agree these shouldn’t be flagged as dupes. Likewise, if the other party’s park is different (e.g. either a multi-park activation, or the other party is doing a rove and hitting several parks during the day), those shouldn’t be counted as dupes, either.

A unique QSO in POTA, as I understand it, is CALL+DATE+BAND+MODE+PARK. If any one of these fields is different, the QSO should not be tagged as a duplicate.

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Ok, that makes sense. This was an oversight on my part. I’ve got a bugfix ticket for it now and will put this high in my backlog.


Just to be clear, I can’t speak for other activities or templates. These dupe rules are appropriate for POTA, but for field day I’m not quite sure how the rule sets would differ.

It’s probably very similar (CALL+BAND+MODE is unique) but crossing into another UTC day alone wouldn’t trigger a fresh contact since each unique contact can only be counted once during the entire field day duration.